My plans for contributing Fedora project this year.

I'll do following activities this year.

  • Do updates-testing

I'm going to do it as I did last year or more.

  • Participate test days

I participated some test days during f14 development process. I'll participate it as far as I can.

  • Testing Alpha, Beta, and RC release

I did some testing those releases for f14 so I'll do it as I did last year or more.

  • Helping to fix FTBFS bugs and checking it if FTBFS is still exists

I've started it since today. I'm currently checking f14's ftbfs.
BZ 631458
BZ 631448

  • Helping to fix rpmlint errors

I can see errors at autoqa-results. I'll try to fix and write a patch.

  • Misc

I'm interested in AutoQA project, but I don't have any idea what to do yet. so if I get an idea e.g. new test case, I'll do it.