Memo: Installing F14 on Macbook Air.

I bought a Macbook Air and installed F14 on it so that I took a notes in case.

  • Installation

1.At first, install rEFIt and edit partition on MacOS. It's nothing special.
2.Download Fedora-14-x86_64-Live-Desktop.iso.
3.Write the iso image to USB stick. I don't have SuperDrive so I install from USB stick.
4.Select USB stick as boot disk in rEFIt menu.
5.In the Fedora's boot menu, select "Boot (Basic Video)".
6.Install Fedora 14 as usual.
In "Storage Devices" menua partition which you've created in step1
In "Disk Partitioning Setup" menu, select a right method. if you created empty partition, you need to select "Use Free Space".
In "Boot Loader Configuration" menu, you don't need to change.
7.When install is finished, shutdown and start the computer.
8.In rEFIt menu, you can see a penguin icon. though, I couldn't boot F14 by that. I needed to do gpysync in rFEUt shell.
9.Finally, I could see Firstboot screen:)

  • Post firstboot
    • Network

Install finished beautifully, but it can't use wifi so install broadcom-wl- kmod-wl- You can download both packages from RPM Fusion. Then, network will be enabled.

    • Touchpad

I wasn't able to use right click feature with installed kernel but after upgrading system, it works.

I haven't checked sound yet.