Back to the normal days.

There was a big earthquake in Japan about two weeks ago. I grew up in Japan so that I used to earthquake but it was the first time to got such big earthquake for me. Talking about Tokyo area where I live in we should save on electricity because Fukushima nuclear power plant is broken so we do not have enough electricity as before the 11th of March. Though I'm going to back normal days slowly.
I installed and started using Opera 11.10 beta for some reasons. One of the reason is I have an iPhone and using Opera Mini so I thought using desktop version of Opera would be fun. However, I like Firefox 4 too. btw, Firefox 4 is released :)
Also I started using tmux instead of GNU screen. It copy mode's keybind is same as emacs that is easy to me.
However, I installed @lxde-desktop on my main laptop which is installed fedora 15. Gnome3 is cool desktop environment but I like lxde too so that I installed it. I haven't decided which mainly use but it will help to test fedora 15. Finally, I restart doing updates-testing!