As you may know Fedora 17 Alpha RC2 has released so I install it on virtual environment.
1. The first picture is boot screen.

2. This is LXDE spin's desktop. It has only one icon on desktop that is of course launcher of installer.

3. The first menu of installer is keyboard selector.

4. Select devices.

5. Next step is input your host name.

6. Select your time zone.

7. Input root's password.

8. Select type of installation. Automatic partition, or you set by yourself.

9. Editing partitions.

10. Bootloader setup.

11. Copying data to hard drive.

12. Installing bootloader.

13. Finish installing Fedora 17.

14. When you reboot your computer firstboot will start.

15. Showing license.

16. Create login user(s).

17. Synchronize date and time over the network ,or set by manually.

18. Showing hardware profile.

19. Login screen.

20. LXDE desktop.

During installation, I saw cpu usage was always 100%. It seems I hit Bug 767861 - lxdm-binary taking 100% cpu. I hope it will be fixed soon. BTW, you know, one of new feature in Fedora 17 is /usrmove. if you do "ls -la /bin /sbin" from terminal, you can see both directories are symlink which point to /usr/bin or /usr/sbin. Finally, Install steps is not different from older release so it is easy to go through install process. Although, you'll be able to new features in it.