Kindle Cloud Reader has published which was one of the application I was waiting for. so I installed it :)

This is a Library showing my kindle books.

In Library screen, you can see two buttons one is "Cloud" and the one is "Downloaded" . According to the Kindle Cloud Reader help it automatically downloaded.

When you choose a book, you can read your book like this.

It looks fine for me. Although, I have a problem that actually it is not kindle problem anyway. I have two laptop(Macbook air and shop made one) both installed Fedora 15. I mainly use shop made machine but if I access to the Kindle Cloud Reader Chrome always crashes but access to it by MBA's one it works fine. I don't know why that crash occur :(
Anyway, I can read my kindle books by Fedora so I'm happy with it. You know, it doesn't requires Windows, Mac, or other specific devices :)