Fedora 16 Alpha TC1 is available!

As you may know Fedora 16 Alpha TC1 is published so I tested it a bit. I don't have spare machine to test it so I use KVM as test environment. I filled one bug report today. RHBZ #727573 I haven't test desktop environment so I'll do that.

Anyway, these are install steps.
1. Boot logo

2. Media check

3. Language setup

4. Keyboard setup

5. Device selection

6. Host name setup

7. Time zone

8. root password

9. Type of installation

10. Custom partition setup

11. Bootloader setup

12. Install software group

13. Package groups

14. Select packages

15. Installing packages

As you can see GUI version of anaconda is easy to use :) However, I found f16-alpha-tc1 installs Grub2 instead of Grub Legacy.