Participate F14 Desktop validation testing.

I participated F14 Desktop validation testing Fedora 14 Final TC1, and fill those reports.
* Bug 643416 - F14 TC1.1 LXDE Spin: Unable to input any character to text box in User Manager screen.
* Bug 643388 - [abrt] lxpanel-0.5.6-1.fc14: IA__gtk_widget_show: Process /usr/bin/lxpanel was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
* Bug 643435 - Automatically unlock function seems break. It always asks password when I'm logged in.
I haven't finished all tests yet. I'll do it ASAP.

However, why I choose LXDE spin is I only have one spare bare metal machine which is an Eee PC 4G. It quite low spec so that it's quite difficult to test Gnome or KDE. so I tested LXDE spin. btw, I like LXDE :)