Installing Fedora 15 by Live CD :)

I've installed Fedora 15 on my laptop by Live CD which is nightly build version. At first I wanted to upgrade from fedora 14 to 15 but it failed so I did clean install. This laptop is mainly used for everything everyday. so installing F15 was quite big challenge for me. However, I joined GNOME3 test days and Graphics test days therefore I was pretty sure F15 works for the laptop because I used it for test days.
Installing Fedora 15 was easy as Fedora 14 so that I didn't have any problems during install process. One of the littel problem I saw is Firstboot didn't run when booting F15 first time. so I logged in as root from console and did yum upgrade then I reboot it. That step was success so when I reboot it Firstboot appered so I created login user, setting time and sent hardware information then login as user from GDM.

I have finihed basic setup yet. Using old ~/.firefox and ~/.thunderbird is worked fine so far. I can use these setting with Firefox4. btw, Youtube supports HTML5 so basically I don't need FLASH to watch videos but it seems some video FLASH because I couldn't watch them :( Though, I'm happy with Fedora 15 even though it is Alpha version :)
You can see my hardware information here
I don't any have problems so far such as wifi, video, usb devices, sound, dual monitor.
Anyway, I'll start do updates-testing for Fedora 15 !